Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day-by-day: Georgia-Russia crisis

A day-by-day look at how the conflict involving Russia and Georgia over the Georgian breakaway region of South Ossetia is unfolding.

Soviet roots to Georgian conflict

Diplomatic correspondent Bridget Kendall traces the fault lines in the current Georgian conflict back to the Soviet era and finds some ominous echoes of the Cold War.

There have been ominous signs of score settling between Russia and Georgia

My first visit to Georgia was in 1977. I was staying with an old lady, the widow of a rather famous Russian artist called Vassily Shukhaev¸ who spent 10 years in exile in Siberia under Stalin.

Nato wonders what to do about Russia

By Paul Reynolds
World affairs correspondent, BBC News website

Russian troops in Georgia: What now for Nato relations with Moscow?

On the eve of a special meeting of their foreign ministers to discuss the conflict in Georgia, Nato governments are divided on what to do about Russia.

Ossetian crisis: Who started it?

By Jenny Norton
BBC News

Georgia was filmed firing rockets into South Ossetia on 8 August

The fighting may well be over in South Ossetia, but the war of words between Russia and Georgia shows no sign of dying down.

Russia promises to start Georgia pullback

By Margarita Antidze
2 hours, 46 minutes ago

TBILISI (Reuters) - Russia said it would complete a pullback of troops in Georgia by the end of Friday but it stopped short of the extensive withdrawal demanded by the West, saying it would keep a force deep inside Georgia's heartland.

Russia and West at odds over UN Georgia resolution

By CARLEY PETESCH, Associated Press Writer
39 minutes ago

UNITED NATIONS - Russia and key Western nations remained at odds Thursday over a U.N. resolution aimed at bringing peace to Georgia, with the U.S., France and Britain insisting on immediate withdrawal of Russian troops and a commitment to Georgia's territorial integrity.

Russia blocks Georgia's main port city

By BELA SZANDELZSKY, Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 10 minutes ago

POTI, Georgia - Russian forces dug trenches and built fortifications in key areas of Georgia Thursday, but also rolled columns of tanks north toward home, picking and choosing how their nation would comply with the terms of a peace accord.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Russia again says it will begin withdrawal from Georgia

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, meanwhile, voices strong support for Georgia's desire to join NATO, a goal that has fed Moscow's anger toward Saakashvili and the West.

By Borzou Daragahi, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
August 18, 2008

TBILISI, GEORGIA -- The Kremlin said Sunday that Russia's military would begin withdrawing its forces from Georgia today, though it was not immediately clear how far or how fast the troops would move.

Georgia-Russia conflict a blow to Bush foreign policy

The president's reliance on diplomacy based on personal relations with leaders such as Putin and his push to establish democracies from the top down has proved not so viable.

By Julian E. Barnes, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
August 18, 2008

WASHINGTON -- In the last week, two major pillars of President Bush's approach to foreign policy have crumbled, jeopardizing eight years of work and sending the administration scrambling for new strategies in the waning months of its term.

Russian soldiers take prisoners in Georgia port

By BELA SZANDELSZKY, Associated Press Writer
20 minutes ago

POTI, Georgia - Russian soldiers took about 20 Georgians in military uniform prisoner at a key Black Sea port in western Georgia on Tuesday, blindfolding them and holding them at gunpoint, and commandeered American Humvees awaiting shipment back to the United States.